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Eves birthday invites

Eves birthday invites

Mini sandwiches look great when creatively presented, and a display of fresh fruit — we sliced strawberries then added pre-cut chunks of pineapple and melon purchased from a grocery store — rounds out the meal.

Super Mario Party Ideas

A Super Mario Bros. lunch means sandwiches served with mustache picks and plenty up fruit to fuel up on for gaming fun.

Sock Monkey Birthday - decor with little red wagon, ONE and monkeys!

This month is all about parties to celebrate the official grand opening of BeMe Parties!

Totally making this for the Dude's birthday!! *Best DIY Birthday Cake Ever*

Best DIY Birthday Cake Ever

Peppa Pig Jumping In Muddy Puddles | Huggies Birthday Cake Gallery - Huggies.com.au

Red Velvet Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese surrounded in kit kats topped off with some green coconut for grass, a slippery dip made out of curly wurly and royal icing, dont forget to leave a big muddy puddle for Peppa and George to jump in!

Cut open a glow stick and pour the contents into a jar. Then add glitter, place the lid back on the jar and shake. #Halloween

Do It Yourself Halloween Craft Ideas – 24 Pics (several of these are hokey but apparently glow sticks in everything make Halloween amazing)