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Ancient Mayan Aztec Art Print Warrior Priest

Xolotl - he god of lightning and death didn’t usually guide the dead to Mictlan, the Aztec underworld, but had been known to on occasion. He was said to have brought fire from the underworld for humans, just like Prometheus in Greek mythology. His most common form is that of a man with a dog’s head—but he can also be seen as a skeleton. Xolotl’s most famous transportee was the sun, which the god was said to protect when it ventured into the underworld at night.

Arqueología Mexicana.- En la imagen: los fallecidos llevaban un perrito de pelo rojizo con un collar de fibras de algodón sin hilar para que los ayudara a pasar, nadando encima del perro, un río que estaba en el inframundo llamado apanohuaya, “el paso del agua”... “Códice Laud”, lám. 26. Reprografía: M.A. Pacheco / Raíces)

Codex Borbonicus. The page is part of a divine calendar and the symbols were used as horoscopes.