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This is me

I do this all the time~~I don't understand why these are always teenager posts, adults do this too (and most of the other relatable teen things)


Story of my life.When does the 8 hours start, when I go to bed or when I actually go to sleep. If 8 hours is good for you then I bet 10 or 12 hours has to be better, right?

This is like all fictional male characters and boys in bands not just one direction but also 5sos

I do this all the time with me and my *whispers nervously* movie/book character imaginary boyfriends (at least I'm admitting I'm crazy! :) Yes this is my life

haha. When I'm a mom, I'm going to let my child get away with it at least once in their lifetime, bc I remember how amazing that would've been!!

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ha i still do this. I remember i went to my friend Sams house. My mom i got there. We hid under a bunch of stuff in her closet. They didn't find us for 20 minutes or so. Then we finally came out. My mom was so mad 😂

Yes!! And I feel like my tummy's sticking out and and my chin's to my Adam's Apple

This happened to me in the mall and forgot how to walk.Someone goes and its just me squirming on the ground like' I forgotten how to walk'

uhuh, or when you wave at a random person thinking it is someone you know....

lol, Yes, this has happened to me! Then I wave to someone I don't know while they give me a weird look as the head to the person they were really waving at.

Teenager post literally every single time

I hate that because then I can't find anything else in the store I want and then i try to fit in the shirt that's a size small then what I am