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Morning Funny Picture Dump 36 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 36 Pics

haha, this might be funny in a student lounge too.

Isn't this the same one who put the voice activated sign on the office toaster? Where does he work, in Congress? Another shovel ready job! Maybe it's a voice activated shovel !for the voice activated bull!

ORANGE Lionel Richie Coffee Mug by TessaPalendat on Etsy, $20.00 - How could you not be smiling while drinking lemongrass tea out of this mug?

ORANGE Lionel Richie Coffee Mug (16 oz)

Lionel Richie Tea/Coffee Mug, best thing ever! I want!

This professional hunter-gatherer. | 21 People Who Are Too Good For This World

21 People Who Are Too Good For This World

how to hide food from to hide food from my brother!

60 Funny Pictures For Today (#90) #Pranks,Pranks&Pranks

60 Funny Pictures For Today (#90) #Pranks,Pranks&Pranks

This very accurately explains what is happening to me right this very second. #humor #funny #internet

Funny pictures about Productive day? Oh, and cool pics about Productive day? Also, Productive day?

I don't always laugh out loud at pictures I see on Pinterest, but when I do, it's at stuff like this.

Turn toaster sideways, get grilled cheese. I do this but i never thought to turn the toaster sideways.

Yes, I love burning a child's wish, lol. What does a child's wish even smell like? Kind of an odd scent for a candle.

There goes Woody..

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear and Woody Bumper Ornament: These little guys are taking a ride on the back of your car! Hang on Woody Buzz will save you!

41 Funny "Well Played" Picture Memes - Snappy Pixels

well played, maternity ward - Dump A Day

>Eat cake >Find toenail >Vomit >Eat rest of cake toenail free. Birthday cake >Eat >Find toenail >Vomit rest of free

I am gonna share some of the new ironic photos that i came across past few days in Facebook, Watsapp, etc.  I guess most of you wouldn't have seen them so here you go. 1. As if one can see that coming You bet that person has seen that and crossed the road all by himself..   2. Conflicting Ads This is one of the funny conflicting ads i like to humor myself with.   3. Drinking water or not? A very confusing situation don't you think. I wouldn't want to be there right now.   3. Yeah, Thank You…

ok is not an acceptable word in digital scrabble. Ok – Oh the irony!


"Milkshakes bring the volunteers to the yard (cross out boys)" -well come and get it!We got milkshakes!

Sugar Bee Crafts:  use vinyl to decorate your washer/dryer-- easier than painting!  Cute!

Individual Laundry Buckets - and Silhouette Promo

Vinyl washer/dryer decor :: Sugar Bee Crafts- with cameo!

Vinyl decal made with Silhouette Cameo. great for Laundry room

Use sign vinyl to personalize just about anything.