Classic Commercial Jingles 50's 60's - YouTube A 10-minute trip back in time!! Can't believe how many of these jingles I knew the words to!

Remember the percolator song on Maxwell House Coffee TV commercials in the 60s? - Maxwell House - it's good to the last drop!

Shawn Mendes - "Stitches" Music Video Premiere

Shawn Mendes - "Stitches" Music Video Premiere. - Check out the music video for “Stitches” the latest single from singer Shawn Mendes.

The Rifleman: TV Classic (DVD)

This popular Western-oriented television show first aired in 1958, and starred the beefy Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain. The dexterous cowboy took on the criminal detritus of the Old West with his trus

½ a Stick of Butter Rice

Ok. So if you've been around 30days for the last couple of years, you have most likely seen my Stick of Butter Rice. It was my Great-Grandma's recipe that m

Yep, used ones like this often. phone booth from the 50's & 60's. Remember when you'd be talking & the operator's voice cut in & told you to add more coins or else you'd be cut off. Always stunk when you ran out of coins & weren't done yet, but suddenly the connection was cut off.

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