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el sexi louis!!!

Louis playing with a fire extinguisher on stage tonight! He got all the boys except Harry since he has asthma. Can you hear the feels?

Great girl! @Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato and Ed Sheeran at 2013 Teen Choice Awards. i love Ed's face :)


His eyes his personality his style his laugh his hair his existence.

huy que malotes!!! jajajaja

aww look at little nialler's cute little mad face! :) they are so cute nouis



I SERIOUSLY CAN NOT WAIT. ima buy the movie, and watch the damn movie like 5421255423542 times

And here we have louis, liam, and harry from one direction ladies and gentleman ;

#Tomlinson hes come so far love him so much

Like for the Greasy Taco Pin for the Master of all Wisdom

She is so gorgeous. If you don't think so, than you're just a jealous hater

Its like the girlfriend club is all gorgeous and talented and shit, and I'm just ugly and I'm proud :p -Lxx