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I actually do this every day, and with these angels almost in the same position. I also ask that the keep negative intentions, and emotions from me.

Invoke the Archangels with "The Archangel Invocation" they stand ready but you must ask!

Rich & Rebecca Cunningham

When the force against you decreases you can do this. While in the fight we must either save or get out of the way. I am okay with whatever God brings.

A Prayer for Healing Bookmark – Church Health Center Store

Only 3 of this item left in stock! This bookmark features A Prayer for Healing written by Deborah Patterson.

It's inevitable that we'll face times of sickness in this world. Here are 12 prayers for strength in times of sickness.

Prayers for Strength in Times of Sickness

Times of illness can be among the hardest of our lives. Lift to the Lord these 12 biblical prayers for strength in your time of sickness. Turn to in your distress by praying the Scriptures.

Prayer to keep going

Facing struggles and trials? Let this prayer to keep going inspire you to seek God again.

The ORIGINAL as written in 325AD - be careful of the Hi-jacked and altered version doing the rounds

The ORIGINAL as written in - be careful of the Hi-jacked and altered version doing the rounds

6-28-14 ct

Heavenly Father, we bind up every sickness, diseases, and any other attacks from the enemy, we loose Your healing power right now in the name of Jesus.

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I cried the first time reading this because of the pain my best friend caused me. sadly we are not friends anymore, but this is a beautiful prayer for anyone who is in need of it. I strongly recommend it. I wish I had known about it when I needed it.