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CREEPY STORY!!!!!!!. . The Man In The Snow You are heme alc) , and mu hear on the news :: cut the creme cf a murderer lathe is on the lease. You leek out the sl Scary

Watched a video on children who had parents in jail and all of this is heartbreakingly true, yes they are evil and do/did evil things, even beyond evil, terrible thing, but in most cases the person made a mistake or thought what they were doing was right

Having O- blood type, I have needed this shot with my pregnancies. This man has saved 4 out of 5 of my babies, the first baby barely making it and arriving 2 months premature (did not know my blood type, or that this shot even existed)!

Teared up hard reading this... He deserves everything good he gets. Poor girl my heart breaks for her and all those fighting cancer or going through it with their loved ones. The only option you ever have is to stay strong.