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Aww:) haha um I was being sarcastic abt dat XP but that's like adorbz that u wld b sry abt something so stupid hahah


Thank you to the men who weren't ready to love me and weren't willing to try. Because of you I've found the man of my dreams. Five years had passed by and we still rocking it. Thank you boo.

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Unattainable expectations For a narco. Only the strong rise up and meet em

Very true!

What you need to know about Leo women. For more zodiac fun facts, but I don't like to spend money.maybe I'm on the cusp.

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I like you. I don't ask you to reciprocate the feeling. All i ask you to respect what i feel. Because falling for you was never something i planned !

Top 27 Dirty Memes

Top 27 Dirty Memes

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I can't wait forever, and I can't fight for the both of us.