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This self-sufficient modular home can walk anywhere, although it might take some time. Go to http://humble-homes.com/a-tiny-house-for-nomads/ for more info and pics!

Walking House Danish experimental studio designed a modular, self-sufficient home that can walk. The Walking House is a sustainable living unit complete with solar panels, micro windmills, and a composting toilet.

POD maison verte pour deux

POD maison verte pour deux

POD Idladla: a modular, prefabricated nano-home designed & manufactured in South Africa

When Matt and I started out on our tiny house journey we didn’t have any real experience building a house. We had done various home improvement projects over the years but it wasn’t the same thing. We added a porch to a home we owned in Michigan but we had contractors do the work. We…

Tiny Home Building: How to Start when You're a Complete Beginner - Tiny House Listings

Tiny House And Small Space Living by aurelia

The Atelier Praxis, a modular tiny home manufactured exclusively by Minimalist in Quebec City. A 180 sq ft home with an innovative design to maximize space. Now this is an awesome tiny home though maybe not on a trailer

If you’re into tiny house living too when vacationing you might consider staying in a micro cabin like this garden pod instead of in a motel. Many times you can also save money doing this, as…

Tiny House Vacations: Garden Pod Micro Cabin in Winchester - super cute guest cottage

Collingwood Shepherd Hut by Gute 1

gute collingwood shepherd hut 1 thumb 53775 This Modern Prefab Hut on Wheels has all the Cabin Aesthetics


Vagabode Tiny House Micro Home Built Using SIPs. I like that this tiny kitchen has a small, but not tiny refrigerator. It's interesting that they put an island in the kitchen as well. things to think about.