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This is another 4-dimensional solid projected into 3-space, this one made up of 24 octahedral cells. Also known as the hyperdiamond or octaplex, this in many ways the most interesting of the regular solids in 4-space. Among other properties it is self-dual, and is the regular polytope with no analogue among the five Platonic solids of 3-space. This model was suggested by Henry Cohn. 24-Cell metal print, 4" long - $420

Leonardo da Vinci drew the illustrations for Luca Pacioli's 1509 book De Divina Proportione (The Divine Proportion). Drawing of the Duodecedron Abscisus Elevatus Vacuus, consisting of 120 equilateral triangles, from the manuscript of the book.

1549 representation of the five Platonic solids by the German graphic artist Augustin Herschvogel (1503-1553). The solid-edge form imitates Leonardo's drawings in Pacioli's Divine Proportion. It is interesting because it appears to associate the Platonic solids with the four ancient elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water in a different manner than Plato.

"Icosahedron Embedding" Ultimately, researching Sacred Gaiaometry is not just about investigation, and detailed manuscripts that describe certain properties, but rather, it is more about getting embedded within the structures, so that is remembering a part of who we are. Jain 108 You are the Masters here: step into your Mastery and act upon your own teachings and energy that YOU STAND FOR. Ride YOUR wave <3