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This is another 4-dimensional solid projected into 3-space, this one made up of 24 octahedral cells. Also known as the hyperdiamond or octaplex, this in many ways the most interesting of the regular solids in 4-space. Among other properties it is self-dual, and is the regular polytope with no analogue among the five Platonic solids of 3-space. This model was suggested by Henry Cohn. 24-Cell metal print, 4" long - $420

Here's the 4-dimensional analogue of the dodecahedron, projected into 3-space for the occasion of this sculpture. It's named for its 120 dodecahedral faces, which appear skewed in this projection, but of course in 4-space they are all perfect regular dodecahedra. One of the great things about 4-space is that it has six regular solids – polytopes – rather than the five Platonic solids of 3-space.

Platonic Solids A Platonic solid is a polyhedron where (1) each face is the same regular polygon, and (2) each vertex joins the same number of faces. The Platonic solids are highly symmetrical, and,...

Flower of life mandala

Sculpture (2015) by Korean artist Jaehyo Lee (b.1965). Installed Arte Sella, International Meetings Art Nature, Trentino, Italy. via scoop

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