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Nineveh Dinha talks with Dr. Trevor Cates about good fats and bad fats.

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering two questions from readers. First, I field one of the dozens of emails I received concerning the latest low-carb versus low-fat study making the media rounds. The reports have ranged from declarations of low-carb dieting’s imminent death to more reasonable discussions of the actual paper. The Time article […]

Visual Diet versus Associative Learning as Mechanisms of Change in Body Size Preferences << Study shows if you show women images of fat women repeatedly, they prefer the fat shape, and vice versa. So, what does all that looking at skinny bodies do for us???? Go on the media diet!!

Don't be fooled by appearances. #BraveBodyLove . from @nourishedmindbody - These are two very different concepts that the media and society clearly mixes up all the damn time. Here's my list of Being Healthy versus "Looking Healthy": ------ Looking "healthy": Starving yourself/undereating in order to mold your appearance to look thinner which society automatically equates as "healthier" Exercising until extreme exhaustion or physical pain or in order to "burn calories" Eliminating some or…

Did you know that the location of your #fat -- whether it's in your belly versus in your hips or thighs -- can determine how healthy you are? http://growingbolder.com/media/health/dr-susan-mitchell-healthy-heart-843507.html

Do you want to understand the complexity of oils with truth, do you want to know the real nutrition versus the media hype of dangerous oils, this is your resource.

SIZE VERSUS SCALE 1 Pound Of Fat Is 6 Times Larger Than 1 Pound Of Muscle OR .... 1 Cubic Inch Of Muscle Weighs 6 Times More Than 1 Cubic Inch Of Fat http://media-cache7.pinterest.com/upload/252412754085076281_uO74Za1D_f.jpg slenderella weight watchers

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