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awesome body illusions

Awesome body painting illusions

sailor moon meme

This can CLEARLY show the age difference between tuxedo mask and sailor moon! I mean come on people admit it.there IS DEFINITELY a gap.

"Everything not saved will be lost". - Imgur

"Everything not saved will be lost".

This is kinda sad but true to move forward you've got to sacrifice some things it's part of the game called Life.

Thor Tdw by blargberries on DeviantArt

Loki and Thor have a clever plan to stop Malekith! And of course loki tada's lol

My friend from school 100%

This is me all the time. 4 panel life comic by Jen Jen Rose.>> in eighth grade I was in drama and this sixth grader walked in clicking a pen incessantly saying, "What is the wonderful clicking?" And I DIED

Ice King Challenge by SHARK-E.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Ice King Challenge by SHARK-E. Did anyone else silently read this in their voices?