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Explore Plate Tectonics, Planet and more!

Plate Tectonics - Excellent explanation of the evidence for plates despite obvious questions on the age/rate of movement & explains earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis in relation to it (where my kids' questions come in)

Energy is neither created nor destroyed. But where does it come from, and where does it go?

30 Fun Geography Activities for Kids

I believe so strongly in the importance of our children having a global perspective- knowing the world is so much more than about them, their neighborhood, and their country. Continuing the week's theme of geography, I've found 30 fun activities to facilitate a global perspective.

Learn all about the many transformations rocks undergo with this FREE Rock Cycle infographic, perfect for your classroom or homeschool curriculum.

* blank map- Asante and I are memorizing the countries of Africa in the month of January :)

Ecology Interactive Notebook

Twelve different activities to use for your ecology unit. Designed for interactive notebooks but could be used as free standing projects, too! #INB