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If your computer is acting strangely, and you've already ruled out a virus, it might be gremlins. But more likely, a software error is being caused by a hardware component that's flaky, damaged, or overheated. Here are some tips and tools to help you diagnose and fix those annoying or intermittent computer problems that just seem to pop up for no apparent reason...

Making outdoor ping pong table as a spring project... I need some help with this template Check out the full project I stole these assembly instructions for a different ping pong table online... I want to create a DIY version (two halves sliding on rails to reveal middle cubby). Can anyone suggest hardware/lumber/outdoor-proof tips to help me on this? We will probably cover when not in use. Don't Forget to Like Comment and Share! - http://ift.tt/1HQJd81

These 80's cabinets with oak trim are the worst! Give them an update with paint and new hardware, and bring them into a new century. These handy tips will help make the process easier. - The Handyman's Daughter

Barn Door Hardware, Why we chose not to DIY, sources, tips and helpful ideas to easily and inexpensively makeover your space with barn doors. by juliette

This shiplap wall was really inexpensive and easy to do with cheap plywood from the hardware store. She gives a great tutorial to help you achieve the same look! Lots of tips!

You do not need expensive grow lights. Just head to your hardware store and pick up some low cost shop lights. Buy one warm and one cool bulb to put in them so your plants are getting the full spectrum of light (they will reward you for this). You won't want to miss the rest of our 10 Seed Starting Garden Hacks! These DIY tips and ideas will help you be the best gardener around!

Are you replacing your cabinet hardware? Here's a handy tip to help you fill in those holes in your cabinet doors

Digital Multimeter Guide and Tutorial with Instructions on How to Use a Digital Multi Meter

Why we did NOT DIY our Barn door hardware? One reason...it was so inexpensive to use this one! Read the other helpful tips and resources.

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