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Cavernas de mármol, Chile.

The Marble Caves (Most famous of them is the“ Capilla de Mármol ” - Marble Chapel) are located on Lake General Carrera/Buenos Aires (Dep.

Les chutes de feu du parc Yosemite Horsetail Fall est l'une des plus époustouflantes chutes d'eau du parc national de Yosemite aux États-Unis. Cette chute a la particularité de donner l'illusion d'une cascade de feu sous l'action spécifique des rayons du Soleil. Le phénomène est rare, visible que quelques jours par an en hiver.

Les chutes de feu du parc Yosemite

If Horsetail Fall is flowing in February and the weather conditions are just right, the setting sun illuminates the waterfall, making it glow orange and red

World is so full of great places that is difficult to rank the best amazing natural wonders: take a look to our top 20 and sugget us more!

Top 20 Amazing Natural Wonders - Unbelievable Attractions

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Chapelles de marbre

Marble caves of Buenos Aires

Fingal's Cave was produced by the same tectonic shifting that created Giant's Causeway. (Photograph

Beautiful pictures of Fingal's Cave Isle of Staffa nice lava formation 60 million years ago. Pictures of Fingals cave from different angles.

build me a house near a waterfall and you will be my favourite person. ever.

House under the waterfall, Switzerland. Visit our Page -► Beautiful Amazing World ◄- For more photos

I find this digital painting amazing. It's such a large and very detailed piece. The colors all flow perfectly with each other.

Cerro Torre, Argentina - South America is high up on my travel bucket list for sure, especially Argentina.

What do you enjoy doing outdoors ?

#karst #limestone cave located in #Kosovo

Experience part 2, of the 50 The Most Beautiful Places in the World.

Catedral de Marmol in Patagonia, Chile is one of the beautiful places in the world with large sections of marbles. These sections weigh over 5000 million tones and carry calcium carbonate.

HVITSERKUR NORTH ICELAND - The 100 Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Places in the World in Pictures (part 1)

Hvitserkur - North Iceland - Another unique scenery located in the northern part of Iceland. It looks like some kind of creatures, hence its other name: Dinosaurs Rocks. A unique place with beautiful.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, United Arab Emirates

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Reminds me of aladian <.

El bosque sumergido del lago Kaindy En Kazajistán se encuentra un lago único en el mundo.  El motivo de su singularidad es el bosque de árboles sumergidos que hay en sus aguas. Son ejemplares de Picea schrenkiana que quedaron anegados por un enorme deslizamiento de tierra, provocado por el terremoto de Kebin de 1911.

The Sunken Forest of Lake KaindyKaindy Lake is a 400 meter long lake in Kazakhstan’s portion of the Tian Shan Mountains located 129 km from the city of Almaty. The lake was created after an earthquake.


Taj Mahal is a white marble mausoleum located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal. In the Taj Mahal became a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Havasupai, probably one of the most beautiful places in the world.

World Beautiful Place Havasupai Probably One of The Most Beautiful Places in The World

Cuevas de Marmol (Marble Caves), Patagonia, Chile. #Earth

Post with 2606 votes and 437597 views. Shared by ZellI. The Marble Caves of Lake Carrera, Patagonia by Linde Waidhofer

Giant's Causeway, Ireland

Giant’s Causeway is the result of an amazing basalt rock formation located on Ireland’s northeast coast. This place is preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a National Nature Reserve in Ireland.