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Here’s a photo of a girl who played roles as a crisis actor in three previous false flags, and now it seems she has also been in Paris.

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So hum, let me get this straight. I have to pray for Paris after the terror attacks. But... which God should I pray to? The one in whose name these atrocities have been committed, or the one who knew they were going to be committed (because he's omniscient) but did nothing to stop them? The first is an accomplice and the second is indifferent... then why should I pray to him?

Strange Trumpet Sounds - Bible Prophecy? (James L. Paris) many videos on You tube...check out for yourself...pray...Jesus is coming back for a pure hearted Church

André Marie Ampere: mathematician, chemist, and physicist; generally regarded as one of the main discoverers of electromagnetism. It was Ampere’s devotion at daily Mass that inspired a young Frédéric Ozanam to devote himself more earnestly to his Catholic Faith. Ozanam was going through a period of doubt and, while visiting a church in Paris, he saw the great scientist praying fervently before the altar. (Ozanam would later find the St. Vincent de Paul Society at twenty years old.)

First wave of "refugees" AKA male muslims... AKA ISIS has hit American shores.. Ironic it is the day after PARIS was attacked by........ REFUGEES !! They need to be sent back .. LET US DEMAND IT.