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Ahaaaaa!!! Lol

Why it takes months and years to complete road work

The only reasons to go to college. Or just don't because it's a horrible soul sucking abyss of terrible. But yeah...

Only in college. That girl is a true inspiration to us all. I wanna be her when I grow up {pardon the language}


Ball Kicking #funnypictures #WTF #funnyfail #failimages

Perfectly Timed Photos Taken Just Before Disaster Struck - Headstrong

Wine Demystified

funny street signs I don't know who this dog is or why he's banned from this park but he seems like a lot of fun

Number 22 I relate with most

Number 22 actually made me do it whilst reading them!

This is so me...just when you think you're an adult....the motherTruckin' ice cream man swings by.....

The Faces Of Despair

"Stages of my wife's despair when we missed the icecream truck".story of my life!