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Surely anyone who has received their emails can relate

Surely anyone who has received their emails can relate

I can make these! @rastmuffins, for your housewarming party, maybe?!

Top 10 Best Doctor Who Party Food Ideas -- Cassandra Cookies I don't know whether to put this into my nerd or recipe board haha. <<< there was a weeping angel on that cake in the back.

Dr Who for Janet Tull

This is to awesome these are my two favorite things doctor who and despicable me!

Hahahaha. ~Dr Who ~ Chronicles of Narnia Technically a portal to another dimension...but then, isn't the TARDIS, too? Like it exists on a parallel plane or something, which would be pretty much a portal to another dimension?

Hipster wardrobe was bigger on the inside before the TARDIS made it cool. :) AND Narnia is bigger than the TARDIS!but I still love doctor who.

Just watched Season 4 - Silence in the Library, etc.  I KNEW before she took off her helmet she would say: "Hello, Sweetie."  I'm glad she came back!  Keith didn't know what I was talking about, of course, since he's not up to S5 yet.  >insert evil cackles

how i met your mother… Doctor Who style. this is the best thing I've seen in a while

Doctor and Rose - the impossible planet


Doctor logic - I loved this moment between the two of them. They were always looking for trouble together!

Dr-"Time of death?" Nurse-"{insert time of episode here}" Dr-"what was the cause?" Nurse-"a mashup episode of Sherlock, supernatural, and Dr who, sir." Dr-"*looks at bodies lining the hall* another one?"

It doesn't matter cuz the death toll would be huge in both groups ----> I have the DVD of Thats So Sweet Life Of Hannah Montana okay and I watch it every month.----> I would do that if it was the SuperWhoLock mash up

except his name is the Doctor but you tried.

Thyme Lord

Don't even blink! Oh, wait, my magical Aviators will activate your quantum lock. Suckas!

Mirrored sunglasses: It's safe to blink now. Doctor Who. If I will run away with the doctor, I bring my sunglasses.