Star of the Week: Pomegranate Ladies and gentlemen; pomegranates are in season, and thus, are Fitness Republic’s Star of the Week! Yes, the season of Pomegranate starts in October and lasts all the way till January in the US. This week is dedicated to the one and only…. Pomegranates!

Star of the Week: Cranberries Juice: All berries possess a somewhat royal (if you will) quality, and cranberries are no exception. This crimson hued berry has been believed to offer a vast range of health benefits, of which its role in treating and preventing Urinary

Health Benefits of Pomegranate Seeds: The name for this fruit, ‘Pomegranate’ is derived from Latin which literally translates to meaning means seeded apple! Pomegranate is called a seeded apple due to the hundreds of small seeds found inside the red covering.

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