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Quiet book

Tic tac toe page has little pouch with felt pieces for the game. flower page you can add interchangeable flowers for them for buttoning/unbuttoning. Crafty Chic: A Girls Quiet Book

Shenanigans: Complete Quiet Book... Just In Time For Christmas!

I like the chest idea - we'll just use a simpler 'lock' eg velcro


Rocket Ship zipper rocket Quiet Book Pattern plus a ton of way cute free quiet book patterns!

The Quiet Book Round-up!

Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows: The Ladybug and the Flowers - Quiet Book pages 8 & 9 flowers are cute - dots snap on lady bug - templates included

{Beth’s ADORABLE Felt Book for Baby} Cute elephant - attaches with velcro and held by ribbon

{Beth's ADORABLE Felt Book for Baby

Homemade felt books, great gifts for the little ones in your life. -- my grandparents made these for my brother and i for a very long time before they died.

Crafty Chic: A Girls Quiet Book

Crafty Chic: A Girls Quiet Book. A quiet book with tons of pages.


DIY Quiet Book