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Αγ.Χριστοδουλος Ο Εκ Kασσανδρας Που Μαρτυρησε Στη Θεσσαλονικη (; - 1777)   _ july 27

foto van New Martyr Christodoulos of Cassandra, at Thessalonica 27 AugustMichael Woerl.

Αγ.Πηνελοπη ( Αγίες Τεσσαράκοντα Παρθένες και Ασκήτριες και Αμμούν ο διδάσκαλος αυτών) sept 1

St. Penelope the Martyr icon

Full of Grace and Truth: The Forty Holy Virgin Martyrs and Their Teacher, St. Ammoun the Deacon

Σχετική εικόνα

Σχετική εικόνα

Saint Martha of Bethany Hand-Painted Greek Orthodox Icon

High quality hand-painted icon of Saint Martha of Bethany. BlessedMart offers Religious icons in old Byzantine, Greek, Russian and Catholic style.

Did y'all know that the Samaritan woman at the well Jesus spoke to has a name? Yes, it's true! Her name was Photini and she traveled all over the Mediterranean region preaching about Christ. Hence the designation equal to the Apostles. Legend has it she even converted one of Nero's daughters...and for that reason that evil Emperor had her and her children thrown down a well! Her feast day is February 26.

St Photini, the Samaritan Woman that Jesus spoke to at the well. Legend has it that she preached to one of Nero's daughters who converted, and for that reason Nero had her thrown down a well. Her feast day is Feb 26

St. Athena - September 1

† St Olympias the Deaconess