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But, like, for real... who wouldn't want to be rewarded for a job well done with a pickle sticker? - Julie Sprankles

Vintage Scratch and Sniff Stickers! Sticker books were so in- I loved my puffy unicorn sticker & the popcorn scratch & sniff!

I loved these things. The Raspberry was the best, I wish they would bring them back

Original New York Seltzer. early Line of non-caffeinated soda marketed as all natural. I bet you think it was started in New York? Try Walnut, CA. loved the cream soda one from her a deli!

You had an enviable sticker collection - including pages dedicated to Scratch-n-sniff and Puffy stickers. (<a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/dogboneart/172823982/sizes/o/in/photostream/">Img</a>)

former pinner said: sticker albums. i loved collecting stickers as a kid. who didn't in the there were so many fun ones.puffy stickers, googly-eyes, scratch n' sniff, a plethora of rainbowed options

Melody Pops

The 50 Greatest Discontinued Foods and Beverages. Mg Spice Girl Lollipops! I had my backpack covered in the stickers from them :) OH MY GOSH MELODY POPS xD I used to eat those most of the time .

When it rains it's never wet, those tiny drops are real Chiclets! From a commercial for these.  Don't know who wrote it... not me!

Chiclets Tiny Size Flavor Coated Gum are miniature, fruit-flavored gum tablets. Adams developed Chiclets over a century ago, and it quickly became known as the candy coated gum.

My favorite sticker book!  I still have mine..  Loved stickers..

Sticker Albums for collecting smelly sticker, puffy stickers, glittery sticker.

Stuck on You – The 80s Sticker Album | Like Totally 80s

38 Things That Will Take Kids Back To Their Elementary School Days. Such great memories.

VTG Hallmark Stickers - BABY ANIMALS

Vintage 1976 Critter Sitters Sticker sheet I had this exact page of stickers! And I really treasured my critter sitter jeans with the penguin on the pocket!