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For anyone who thinks we don't need feminism

Makes some things women in American complaining, lobbying, and protesting seem petty. So very petty, ladies, wake up and see who is truly oppressed in this world. This is why we need feminism.

funny new year quotes 2017

New Years. I'm going to make poo emoji meringue and invite the same people I did last year. I invited you, Christian, Dylan, Trent, Callie and Amanda.

Be valuable

The goal is to be valuable not just successful. Once you become valuable success will chase you!


Positive Quotes – This Weekend To-Do List Will Make Your Week So Much Easier Positive Quotes n Description Mentally walk through your Monday morning to-do list:

Our hearts are one. We love to please one another in every way.  When you can feel that passion it's amazing.. I can't even explain how it intense.. Milesnkimmy

relationships should be for life enhancement and not survival. Sometimes life circumstances bring about the need to depend on one another for survival but survival should never be the reason two people are joined together.

a mind is like a parachute. it doesn't work if it isn't open words of wisdom funny inspirational quotes

Don’t worry, be happy

No matter what your goals are in life. If the plan doesn't work change the plan but never the goal. Try something new

I see

If you don't sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice - Inspirational Quote, Motivational Quote, Daily Quote

•❈• נαηιєкαтнℓєєη•❈• BLUSH CONSIDERATIONS. <3 29 Habits of Extremely Considerate People

29 Habits of Extremely Considerate People