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Lilo of lilo and stitch hula dancing with moana Disney princess artwork fan art deviantart

World of Moana : Photo

Just A JellyNut! — Day 5 of The 12 Days of Colour! I know it’s late., Little Maui from Moana

I just can't tell if I ship this or not. Well I imagined this pic could be placed to times when Moana's older. When she's not a child anymore, she's woman and Maui should be the best choice for her.

Moana and Maui comic ❤ it's so adorable. They are amazing togedher ❤ Love Moana art

If Moana had sung in front of Maui.

Omg I had this idea today where moana was singing that line and I said i think that's called the horizon

Maui x Moana by Skydrathik on DeviantArt

I want them to hug it out! Love their relationship in the movie, and especially their hug scene. A lot of their banter reminded me of myself with my own friends and siblings. The movie in my opinio.