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Photo about Woman outdoors near a river with her arms and heart open in a mandala of stones.

Rust, Teal, Healing

Ceridwen - Mother of Grain and Inspiration. She is a great earth goddess associated with the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. We worship her at harvest time. She tends her cauldron of wisdom and inspiration. Her totem animal is the white sow and she is a shapeshifter, able to be seen as a greyhound, an otter, a hawk, and a black hen. $182.00

Cerridwen Celtic Mother Goddess statue by Maxine Miller in cold cast bronze. Her cauldron of inspiration transformed the bard Taliesin.

How anyone can do wrong to a child, lie about a child, psychological damage to a child, damaging a child, a person that alienates a parent from a child, is unbelievable. Children need parents, they deserve it....wicked selfish people in this world...God will take care of them for damaging a child...no guilt or conscience. Do they really think God would WANT this? More like Satan at his best, to damage children....pass the line a little more

the most precious jewels you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children. so true! Happiness is when you realize that your kids have turned out to be good people-Inspiring Motherhood Quotes - Meadoria

"Rosina," John Singer Sargent, 1878, oil on panel, 13.88 x 6.75", Colby College Museum of Art. This little painting of Sargent's muse, Rosina Ferrara, is one of his best of her.  The lively brushwork looks like it could have been painted yesterday by Richard Schmid.

Portrait of Rosina John Singer Sargent (American, Oil on canvas. Rosina Ferrara was an Italian girl from the island of Capri, who became the favorite muse of American.

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Moldes Moda por Medida: TRANSFORMAÇÃO DE VESTIDOS Translates to english easily, reminds me of a pillowcase dress with collar and probably back zipper. Would be lovely in different color and maybe with an Obi Belt .


River Reverence Beautiful young woman seen from the back standing near a desert river with her hands in a reverse yoga mudra.

Morar fora como Au Pair

5 Reasons To Make Mallorca Your Next Destination « Dagmar Spremberg

Identifying and Replacing Unhelpful Thinking Styles

Identifying and Replacing Unhelpful Thinking Styles

Unhelpful thinking styles are thoughts that contribute to negative feelings and mind patterns. They can be identified and replaced to increase well being.

Des portraits que l'on dirait tout droit sortis d'une peinture flamande!

Flemish Painting-Inspired Portraits - Photographer Sacha Goldberger is Influenced by Rembrandt (GALLERY)