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Pst Keith is a total fluffy dork. Pass it on.<<< He's not dark and broody just a little socially handicapped

IM CRYING THIS IS SO TRUE LMAO my precious mullet son needs protection<<< your precious mullet son<<< another lovely choice of words from the voltron fandom

Naomi of @Bakers Royale | Naomi shares the recipe for these Salted Caramel Brownie with Pretzel Crust on Delish Dish!

Salted Caramel Brownie with Pretzel Crust

Salted Caramel Brownie with a Pretzel Crust - Dark chocolate fudgy brownie finished with a caramel and chocolate drizzle with a sprinkling. The pretzel bottom crust is the bit of salty you need to offset any richness.

Protection Chant to protect against dark entities and demons, as well as any other negative energy beings.

11 Protection Chant Variations For Various Protection Spells. These protection chants can be altered to your specific needs.

Lil Texture commission for of her OC and Antonio - Spain/Hetalia

Me So Many Times And Countless Nights Of Sadness And Heartache. Thank You To The Most Amazing Man, Boyfriend, And Bestfriend. I Love You Andrew!

The Joker BW by piratebutl23 on DeviantArt

Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight This was done as tribute to the late actor, as it's been seven years since he passed. The Joker BW

My powers were getting stronger, and I felt the sensation of light pass through me. My roommate was there next to me. He was the only one that knew. "Look." I say as I pause the TV. I learned I had telekinesis and I had mind control. I didn't know my full strength yet, but it was coming(open RP, I'm the guy with powers. Powers are welcomed)

The light never scared me but it was beginning to creep higher. First my fingertips, then my palm, now my whole hand and I could see the light pushing up my wrist. Soon I would be a walking lightbulb.<<< or have magic powers or something maybe.

Glow in the Dark Flower Pots | Sassy Decor and More

DIY - Glow in the dark pots with mums for fall/Halloween. Buy a flower pot that you really like and use Rustoleum's Glow-in-the-dark paint to paint the pot. During the day, the paint will absorb the sunlight and at night the pots will glow.