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jana winderen marc fornes theverymany storefront nyc

This organic form entitled “Situation Room”, by Artist Jana Winderen and architect Marc Fornes / TheVeryMany, is a temporary that challenges visitors to explore the space and activate the various changing sounds.

The boolean-created “Situation Room” at the Storefront for Art + Architecture

The boolean-created "Situation Room" at the Storefront for Art + Architecture

Marc+Fornes+creates+pink+"envelope+of+experiential++tension"+for+Situation+Room+installation Perforated Aluminium Panels


LOUIS VUITTON - YAYOI KUSAMA’s pop up store for Selfridges London is explicitly derived from Kuama’s series of Pumpkin installations and endless Polka dot pa.

Art Installations architecture | Technicolor Bloom by Brennan Buck - popavenue - Happy French Pop Blog

Brennan Buck and his team Twisted Design Tunnels_'Technicolor Bloom' is a collection of intricately cut pieces of poplar plywood bound together with cable binders. Each piece is painted white on one side and either magenta, yellow or blue on the other.

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while I'm not a soft color person, I'm loving these colors Foam wall installation

Makes me think of the enchanted ceiling in the Great Hall.

Immersive projection by Miguel ChevalierKing's College Chapel, Cambridge, October Helen Marriage and Bill Gee / Artichoke TrustCampaign: Johnson Banks Commissioned by the University of Cambridge Development and Alumni Relations.

A New Immersive Art Exhibit in Tokyo, 'Floating Flower Garden,' Is More Gimmick Than Art, And That's OK - CityLab

Floating Flower Garden - An Immersive Digitally-Controlled Installation of Suspended Flowers by Japanese Art Collective teamLab


The Situation Room

Perforated pink aluminium panels form a sinuous structure that envelops visitors to this installation by Marc Fornes, The Very Many and Jana Winderen.

From Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama comes The Obliteration Room, part of an exhibit at the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia. It’s one of the coolest (and most colorful!) interactive installations I’ve ever seen.

The Obliteration Room by Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama’s ‘The obliteration room’ Some cool stuff at GOMA in Brisbane at the moment. Yayoi Kusama’s ‘The obliteration room’ is both a visual treat and a cool interactive piece of art installation. This is what it looked like before all the color.

Ernesto Neto features the force of gravity and physical interaction as key elements in his art. He uses elastic fabrics and textiles, crochet, and knitting to make his organic forms, which are related to the observation of the body as a representation of the internal landscape of the body, or an analogy between the body and architecture.

Ernesto Neto - Gang, I love this artist. Had a great time meeting him in New York. Love the idea of using string to draw lines in space. As if the world is your sketch pad. not to mention it is all interactive.

'Light is time' installation - Citizen & Yutaka Endo. Oniric and beautiful poetic art installation with lights.