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Idiotic to say the least...

GOP thinks its all good.


One of many reasons why I respect this man so much. Thank you, Jon Stewart.

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Of course, the rich would not be able to back door transfer wealth from American citizens to their defense stocks.

If they actually were stupid, I wouldn't mind so much.  It's that they're good people, blinded by lies and propaganda that makes me so incredibly sad.

Truth be told. Lies and deception will do that to you.Fox News, proudly bringing you court approved lies since OUT the GOP in And bring back the Fairness Doctrine.

My Face When I Realize millions of Americans actually think Donald Trump will be a good president.

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Sad, actually. I don't want to believe there are so many hateful, selfish Americans. I thought Americans were better than than.



The battles of my '60s novel "Daffodil Sunrise" continue. If anything, the stakes are only higher. ...

The battles of my novel "Daffodil Sunrise" continue. If anything, the stakes are only higher.

Bill Maher also commented that the tea party’s criticism of the president was racially based.

Bill Maher: Coincidence That "99.999% White" "Racist" Tea Party Driven "Insane" By Black President

Keith Olbermann quote about Racism. "If racism is not the whole of the tea party, it is in its heart, along with blind hatred, a total disinterest in the welfare of others.

So sad and dumb of the republicans to chose him as a Presidential candidate! They didn't do their homework! Shame on them!

A sad day in America when the loathsome behavior of demeaning women, mocking the disabled, discrediting the press and sidelining the intelligence community becomes "presidential material.

The vast majority of Muslims are peace loving people. Stop  believing the media and WH lies.

What does this infographic mean to you? Is this inciting hate & violence or aiming to alleviate it? Is the current racial climate of fear of the Muslim culture an example of a social change? What role does the media play in change?

Republican corporate control is not new.

We must reduce workers salaries and take away their Right to Strike~~Hitler 1933

Who sent these evil people to earth??

of Americans support universal background checks on all guns sales. of House Republicans oppose it. Just who do Republicans represent? The NRA