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Street of Pompeii.I have walked the streets where the ancient people once walked. It was a sad and amazing feeling. I could actually see the town come alive not knowing what there destiny was.

Pompeii » I really enjoyed visiting Pompeii, one of the highlights of my trip in Italy. I was really touched and interested in the lives these people lived. Have you been?

Ruins of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Province of Naples Campania

#S. Domenico Maggiore#

#S. Domenico Maggiore#

Bathe house Pompeii

Pompeii Bath House - The art, while faded and in ruins, is still glorious. The carvings, paintings and mosaics and even architecture. Brilliant, vibrant and sensuous.

Pompeii | Flickr : partage de photos ! Thermopolium avec le comptoir et au fond le lararium et la fresque au génie / serpent.

A thermopolium - Pompeii& version of a fast food counter. They consist of terracotta containers (dolia) sunk into a masonry counter (sometimes covered with polychrome marble) that are believed to have contained hot food that was sold to customers.

Map of Naples, Italy with Mount Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei identified.

Vesuvius's big daddy: The supervolcano that threatens all life in Europe

In the shadow of Italy's notorious Mount Vesuvius, which destroyed Pompeii, the little-noticed Campi Flegrei volcano also has the capability of killing millions worldwide. It, like Yellowstone is over a geological "hot spot".

Golfo di Napoli

Golfo di Napoli

Golfo di Napoli

Golfo di Napoli