"PETER ROSTRÖM verksam under 1700-talets mitt Porträtt av C:M: Gren, née de Branting, född 1727 - midjebild Signerad och daterad på baksidan aftagen 1755 d 1 Maÿ Stockholm P. Roström Pict. Olja på duk, 79 x 66 cm. Bronserad ram i rokoko"

"Artist: Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller (1751–1811) Marie Antoinette of Austria, Queen of France (1755-1793) Date 1788 Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 65.5 × 54.4 cm (25.8 × 21.4 in) Current location: Palace of Versailles"

"Lorens Pasch d y 1733-1805 "Eva Katarina Swedenstierna" (1759-1836). Signerad Pasch pinx och daterad 1784. Duk, oval 81 x 67 cm Förgylld och bronserad ram"

Jonas Forsslund (1754-1809): Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden and Frederica of Baden. 1800. Gripsholms Slotts samlingar.

"Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller (1751–1811): Marie Antoinette with her children Date: circa 1785, oil on canvas Current location: Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden. Copy in Versailles" "Marie-Antoinette se promenant dans le jardin anglais du Petit Trianon avec ses deux enfants Louis-Joseph et Madame Royale. La peinture a été commandée par la reine à Wertmüller pour être offerte au roi Gustave III de Suède, qui l'a reçue à la... http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Marie_Antoinette_Adult8.jpg

Stomacher piece, British 1750-1759. Silk on silk embroidery and heavily tarnished silver thread. This quintessential example of rococo finery features the central C-curve pattern characteristic of this style. The word rococo comes from rocaille, meaning shell. The delicate and realistic embroidery is extremely finely worked and is quintessential of the period.

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