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Kiss and Make Up Day 25th August section. Make up with your partner with kisses and your love. Permalink : http://www.123greetings.com/events/kiss_and_makeup_day/im_so_sorry_my_love.html

Thanks for 500 Im getting closer to my goal which is 800 - 1k Well im so sorry for not posting much(>_<) but im so shy and a pussy when it comes to cosplay! Enjoy some Elas anyway! First time I post a guy cosplay #cosplay#cosplayer#wig#lenses#ohmykitty#makeup#cosplaymakeup#elf#oc#ocs#occosplay#cosplaying#lunafantasyoc#costest#contest#greenlenses#boycosplay#anime#manga#animecosplay#mangacosplay#animeboy

Im so sorry to make it inconvenient, but there was just too much information for one video! Here is the link for the second part of the tutorial: JUMEAUX DANCE BAGS EMAIL: jumeauxdancebags@gmail.com JUMEAUX DANCE BAGS FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001834980377

im so sorry these people are just so crazy i mean honeslty in what world does this look good? cause if its earth i bet aliens are soo dissapointed maybe thaaats why they havent come yet..

@storybookcosmetics has announced that there will be a 2017 MAKEUP collection for THE HUNGER GAMES! _ Im gonna buy all of it lmao sorry not sorry IM SO EXCITED!

Bailey) I'm sorry I haven't been around lately. Elisha, I don't know how to break it to you, but my family is moving. I won't go to this school anymore, and there's nothing I can do. Im so sorry, I will truly miss you.

4 urban decay razor sharp liquid eyeliner Colors: Space Cowboy Push Demolition Street You get all 4 All brand new never opened I bought several and I know I'll never wear them so I should probably sell them I'm sorry but I will not swatch due to sanitary reasons but yoy can easily google swatches Prices are firm. I am just looking to sell so no trades. I do not currently discount bundles. Thank you so much for your intrest! Urban Decay Makeup Eyeliner

Im so sorry guys life's been catching up with me lately so i haven't been active, ill be continuing my hiatus forva while longer but promise i will be back, ive got nothing to do this evening so please comment!

Kylie Authentic Kylie black eyeliner Or which I was told it was authentic but I'm not familiar with her makeup. Used once. And not perfect with my oily skin. Sorry it's used. Never used the eyeliner pencil and the eyeliner brush. So the eyeliner pencil and brush is brand new. But the eyeliner pot has been used once. I don't like selling used makeup but maybe just maybe someone would want it. So I apologize. But I have nothing wrong with my eyes. I used another brush. Kylie Cosmetics…

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