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oh my gosh.... I am crying [on the inside]. THIS is why I love one directon. Their music is great, they're all cute... but this...this is it. guys, please don't ever change <3

That is one of the sweetest things I have ever read Zayn Malik - One Direction quotes! ♥ hotty sexy and this is why I love him so much! He speaks the truth of all the things that I can't ever say it how I feel.


I like how in the pic they use it from the incredibles and this part the guy is all like obsessed with catching dash like fan girls are of their favorite band member!

Two of my favorite things in one picture<3

whut the niam on

I love I love the lwwy video. I love josh. I love random and exciting things. I loove this picture(:

I can replicate it! :) aha actually, my handwriting changed after learning to replicate his signature. My handwriting got more curly.

He has neater handwriting than me. <<< Ain't dat the truth?