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Donnie, Raph, Leo and Mikey

The Adult Mutant Ninja Artists: Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo and Michelangelo, the namesakes of our fav ninja turtles

you know you thought about it on that first day of spanish haha

They should have one of these in every spanish classroom. Hipster Llama Quote Poster Print: Como te llama(s)

Guide to Gang Signs

Gang signs - okey-dokey artichokey is a common one at work now.not to mention waffle time!

This would be awesome!

Funny pictures about The Power Of A Baby. Oh, and cool pics about The Power Of A Baby. Also, The Power Of A Baby photos.

You are some kind of sorcerer.

It’s magic…

Try this awesome trick you guys it works every single time so amazing mind blown.

I may have to do one of these...

Vadering instead of planking or coning or whatever owling is. I love that this is a thing.

Just Patrick Stewart Being Awesome, Like He Only Knows - The ball pit image is my favorite.  I would LOVE to dive into a giant ball pit.  Really, I don't think I would come out for a very long time, especially if I could get a few vintage kids to play with me.

Just Patrick Stewart Being Awesome, Like He Only Knows

Ladies and gentlemen, Sir Patrick Stewart! Thank you so much Cassie. I need more Sir Patrick Stewart in my life.

Remember Bob Ross?!?  Love this - I wonder if one could buy this as a kit!  ROFLOL!!

bob ross lego man :D .I always loved Bob Ross and his "happy little clouds"!

Yomama bin shoppin

Funny pictures about Gay terrorist. Oh, and cool pics about Gay terrorist. Also, Gay terrorist photos.