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Funny Harry Potter Snape Meme

The friendzone is a dark place friends. But until you're friendzoned like Snape, You can deal with it.

The hunger games, Twilight, Harry Potter, idk

The friendzoned guys of the love triangles. Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter, and Mortal Instruments

The rules for escaping the friend zone are bizarrely specific.

The rules for escaping the friend zone are bizarrely specific. Harry Potter and Kim Possible.

Funny and Cool Harry Potter Stuff.

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Also, James and Lily died at 21 having fallen in love in the midst of a terrible war. They missed all the opportunities they should have had to watch Harry (and the other kids they definitely would have had) grow up and enjoy Hogwarts as they once did. The Hogwarts Fallen Fifty were made up of students, teachers, and staff. Students whose only mistake was attending school - some of whom fell into this magical world, unknowing but eager only to die at the hands of those who thought them…

Awesome Movies to watch: Don& talk to me about Snape being a tragic character. Sure he had a hard ch. *~*I'm Harry Potter, Harry Harry Potter*~*

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It's much worse than the Friend Zone. Poor guy he's past "expelled from Hogwarts" zone :( moment of silence to this guy

13 points that will change the way you look at Harry Potter!

13 Points That Will Have You Looking At Harry Potter So Differently

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