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Sooo sad

Do you know what's the saddest quote every created by the funniest man in the world? "I love walking in the rain cause no one can see my crying." ~Rowan Atkinsion a. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.

Wish I could make you see....

to my beautiful children. I love you more than life itself Noah and Gabby.

information is knowledge

informed not opinionated. SO true. I always point out to people when they want an opinion of mine, that if I'm informed enough I can't give one and half the time they aren't either.

people disappointment quote - Google Search

Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it's not because they enjoy solitude. It's because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them. -Jodi Picoult I shall be a loner forever


Until you heal the wounds of the past, you are going to bleed. Pull out the core of the pain that is holding you in your past, the memories and make peace with that.

Past life.

"Maybe I can't stop the downpour, but I will always join you for a walk in the rain." I'll always be here to talk sister.

Not quite that extreme.... but pretty much

So true. It's why I'm constantly hurt over and over again cos I'm always on the"care deeply" side of things.