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Tao // The Lost Planet in Osaka EXO <<<< you know its getting bad when you read that as the lost panda lol < this comment tho!

EXO Tao looking super hot and muscley #zitao #exo #tao

EXO Tao looking super hot and muscley all the fangirls in the world are currently dying √ he did it

I don't why but he Kinda looks lifeless in this picture cheer up Tao we love you!

Black and White edit exo tao EXO-K EXO-M bw exo m exo k exok exom zitao huang zitao exoedit teo exo edit exo bw kimkailicious

EXO Tao + open shirt (pt. 2) (・ω・)ノ you're welcome AAAA handsomee!!

The Lost Planet 140719 : Tao's open shirt ft. Sehun and Chanyeol