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Munich Mall Shooting and Nice Attacks Conspiracy BUSTED Open (Redsilverj)

Fox host Andrea Tantaros attacks Obama for spending Memorial Day at the Jersey Shore, even though he really spend the day with veterans at Arlington Cemetery.

ALERT: FACEBOOK CENSORING TERM “MUSLIM TERRORIST”: Report censored for using keywords pointing out radical Islamic terror

Following the recent terrorist attack in France, a senior French politician has announced his desire to re-introduce public executions by guillotine. As the country mourn the deaths of over 80 people who lost their lives following the Nice truck attack, Jean-Marie Le Pen told a press conference that the country “must restore the death penalty for terrorists with decapitation”. Thedailybeast.com reports: OK, so maybe he didn’t use the word “guillotine,” but what other decapitation…

A former DHS officer claims the administration might have been able to stop terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and Orlando, but instead erased information.

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