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ahhh the games ...they never ended. I always told him the truth will set him free, and if anyone wishes to hear and view the documents including multiple police reports, adoption records (x2kids), multiple affairs, tape recorded threats, pics of damaged doors, and of course the legal documents of no support , no alimony, garnished wages , etc... just get in touch it'd be my pleasure.

Justice Department Begins Civil Rights Investigation of Chicago Police Department, as Police Report Calls Laquan McDonald the ‘Offender’ and Officer Van Dyke the ‘Victim’ |

How she recovered from Narcissist Abuse. I guess. I could contact women he has had relationships with.... Not aware of any police reports. Lol. SS

This is exactly our conversation too, lol...The newest victim thinks it won't happen cuz she knows him since grade school 23 yrs ago and grew up in same city. really? If he can do it to his wife of 11 yrs and his very own children, nothing stops him from doing it to someone without a personal nor legal connection, believe that...police reports, pfa's, arrest papers, garnished wages, contempt of courts, adoption records , pics, legal documents don't lie...believe that

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Beloved veteran, 87, killed by four teens during violent mugging

MORE BLACK ON WHITE CRIME THAT THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA WON'T SHOW!!! Beloved veteran, 87, killed by four teens during violent mugging