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Went from zero to my own hero.

that pinky is hard to read, i thought this said "be your own herb" at first.

"FUCK where did I put them!' Dark yelled while frantically searching for the cigarettes. then he turned his head and looked at Mori.who had a look of guilt.Dark grabbed her and shook her.where did you put them princess where"he yelled

The reasons for the persons smoke

Imagem de smoke and love

"Cigarettes are food for broken souls. I guess its time to break the habit and let my soul free.


whtkd: More Fashion Posts: Rebel Rebel

jughead jones

well no it's the rejection that probably won't even happen but still

Tell my mother I love her patch


Shut up and eat your burger . Jason, Percy, or Frank

I'm so happy that over 500 people can relate to me taunting my best friend. What a world we live in.<<<ok 3k is a little much time to stop<<<4.4k??? guys???? you're something else.

I'm so happy that over 500 people can relate to me taunting my best friend.<<<ok is a little much time to stop<<< people like to fight let's keep going


This quote references the Gallagher parents and how their alcoholism and drug addictions brought chaos onto their children and forced them to adapt to a chaotic environment.






7 Must Have Surf Supplies

" The general mutters quietly, looking at he tattooed armor plates on her arm.




She had survived enslavement to the Duke of Moors, she had survived the Red guild, and she'd be damned if she didn't survive this

True words, beautiful script

"Without struggle there is no progress" not a fan of the placement, size or font but i love this quote