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The funny part was, the interviewer didn't even realize that he made a mistake, and they are just there laughing hysterically.<<< i Can't xd hey I'm column xdxdxdxd

What the hell are these luke vs. ashton fighting rumours tf

What the hell are these luke vs. ashton fighting rumours tf<<when was this written is this for real, was this recently? Please comment!

not risking it at all!! I really want to meet them.

Why not? It's fun to do this stuff. Gets a little annoying after a while cause all that pops up anymore is 'Repost or Bad Luck for You' and it makes me paranoid idk

really not sure if this is his 'proud' face or his 'I hate this band face'

You are giving me a heart attack. the face and my buddies' reactions.

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Omg they grow up so fast>>>> just kill me it'll hurt less the feels guys the feelz!


And the worst part, it works for almost all the fandoms out there since "crowd" doesn't just refer to concerts or movies but also the the huge fandom families who are just another one in the millions of others.