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Gallery of Solsidan Housing / Max Holst - 18

Image 18 of 29 from gallery of Solsidan Housing / Max Holst. Photograph by Lars Grafström

Gallery of Phutthamonthon House / Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated - 1

Gallery of Resort in House / ALPES Green Design & Build - 2

Completed in 2016 in Da Nang, Vietnam. Images by Hiroyuki Oki. Urban Vietnam today is rapidly expanding using symmetrical and uniform architecture (townhouses) providing boring and dry architectural morphology. ...

Gallery of Bahrain Pavilion – Milan Expo 2015 / Studio Anne Holtrop - 7

Archaeologies of Green, the Kingdom of Bahrain Pavilion, at the Expo Milano 2015 is a poetic interpretation of the cultural agrarian heritage of the country, which stems from the ancient civilization of Dilmun.

Tubular glass vacation home encases a full-grown tree

An eye-catching design but perhaps a fir tree isn't the best species to encase in a glass tube? Also, where's the fire pole?

Gallery of Lyric / D.A Architectes - 2

Liryc is a research, treatment, innovation and teaching institute, completely dedicated to the study, diagnosis and treatment of cardiological disorders. A particular site. Clear, punctuated by slender trunks of pines and oaks, striped by their s

Gallery of Mosconi 3 Condominium / Frazzi Arquitectos - 1

Zhu’an Residence / Zhaoyang Architects

The site is around 800 square meters. The entrance follows local rules for geomancy consideration and faces east. Therefore, the entry sequence from the southwest involves two turns that bring the visitor to the front southern courtyard. A

This Triangular House is Beautiful (and Terrifying) — Design News

Perched up high upon the edge of a towering cliff is this triangular house designed by German architect Matthias Arndt. An astonishing architectural concept, the space boasts unspoiled views of the su...

Gallery of Bruyn Housing / Pierre Blondel Architectes - 11