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~ Taking a Walk With Mom ~Ostrich, of course-I guess baby need not fear, since the mother would likely peck a predator's eyes out!

Abundant Eagles ~ Homer, Alaska  Our home away from home <3

Abundant eagles, Homer Alaska--this is a wild place, beyond beautiful!

My face when people ask when I'm going to have children.

One seriously pissed off bird! The Shoebill (Balaeniceps rex), also known as the Whalehead or Shoe-billed Stork

Woo hoo...

The 25 Happiest Animals In The World

The 25 Happiest Animals In The World -- it's silly things like this that make me laugh and make my day. One happy alligator!

Hey bitch. I'm horny

amazing horns : The horns of the male ibex can be over feet meter) long. Both male and female ibex have horns. The male has horns that are longer and heavily ridged, curving upward, backward and then downward.

Graceful Swan - Wall Mural & Photo Wallpaper - Photowall

Picture of Graceful Swan On A Lake In Black And White. Stock Photo by Basmeelker from the collection iStock. Get affordable Stock Photos at Thinkstock.

Baby birds at feeding time. I love the way the one in the middle acts like his siblings are crowding him.

‘Get the food in mum, we still can’t fly’: Amazing pictures of warbler chicks at feeding time

Ostrich.  Just look at that tiny babe...how sweet.

Ostrich Dad and chick ~ "Some day I will be just as big as you right, right? Dad, right? I will be just as big as you? Yes son, someday you will be just as big as me, now pay attention when we are crossing the road!

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Ostrich Family by mjadse - The ethology of emotions and empathy

Blue Bird Of Happiness

Nuthatch reflection © mark hancox Taken at a low level at a woodland pool, this bird started to use this perch to drink from but sometimes would momentarily look into the water.