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Why Lord Disick Is The Best Of The Bunch…

Scott Disick deserves a show of his own. Get this man a show already.<---- Scott Disick is my favorite Kardashian

funny moments on ellen degeneres

I asked the kids in my kindergarten class who they want to be like when they grow up. one of the girls says she wants to be like ellen and a boy said whose ellen. she looked at him, then stabbed him in the arm with a crayon.

OMG! I'm dying!!!

"Milkshakes bring the volunteers to the yard (cross out boys)" -well come and get it!We got milkshakes!

Until you were born I didn't realize I could Love two people this much or that I would have even more happiness!!

This is so the most amazing feeling I have ever had ! Deep love for you is fun , exciting , loving , warm , the list goes on ! My love for you will never die !

*note: do not recommend  utterly hilarious thou

This is terrible, I cry from laughter every time I read this. If you take time to read it, its seriously the funniest thing ever! Sorry but the language, but it's too funny!

all of this is 100% canon for wrightworth i'm pretty sure

I imagined this as SuFin and USUK, and it works for me.<<I did Spamano, USUK, and DenNor.