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Running Workouts with Interval Training

Take your running workouts to the next level with these interval training plans you can use outdoors or on the treadmill. | via @SparkPeople #fitness #exercise #run

Baby Crane - A Challenge Pose To Build Core Strength-Visit our website at for a FREE TRIAL PASS

This is a great idea for scorpion beginners if you've already started using the wall for your inversions!! Best Trap Music | Trap Radio | Radio Mix |Trap Music Mix #12 YouTube to Mp3 converte…

Like the cat pose (Bitilasana), this is a good exercise for the back and is often done together with the former, making the famous Cat-Cow Vinyasa Flo...

The chair pose is one of the yoga poses you will learn in the start of your yoga journey. It is named as such because the action involves squatting or sitting in an imaginary chair. The Sanskrit name translates to Intense, Fierce or Powerful (utkata) Pose (asana). Therefore, this seemingly basic yoga poses are believed…Continue Reading →