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As my son wanted to sleep in a forest, we chose a wallpaper from zoffany in his bedroom.

I love Newt. He's so adorable and I just want to just hug him and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

10 Things Your Teen Son Wants You to Know

We sit at lunch, just me and my teen son. Right after we order I just say it, I ask him… “Can I have your advice?” “Sure,” he says, drowning his bread in the balsamic, and shoving the quarter-loaf in his mouth. “If a mom wants to build a close relationship with her teen, what …

One of my favorite quotes from one of my most favorite movies. Perfect gift for your loved one. Size- 11x14 or 11x11. Larger sizes start at $35 &

City of Columbus

This year my son is off to the Army, something he's wanted to do since he was just a little tot and now his dream is coming true, I'm proud of him but very scared for him, I'm use to seeing him everyday for 18 yrs. now, I'm always worried about him an the funny thing is, he hasn't even left home yet. Tell the truth, I'm really not sure, how I'm going to deal with it when the time comes, in just a little over a month, when I send him off, to different way of life. I'm a Very proud of him…

Sa, my life has gone dark. You said i'd never have to go through this again... Now I have to feel it for the rest of my life. I'll never have what I always wanted all my life and I'm finally left completely jaded. You destroyed me

The smartest women make sure they never have to depend on a man! I have made sure I will always be financially stable to take care of my son and I if an emergency situation were to arise. The difference between me and other women is I have ambition to be successful however, I am so lucky to have a husband that spoils me rotten and begs me to stay home. It is important to me that I have my own thing going on:-)