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One of my all time favorite photos with my favorite general at center! Hancock, Birney, Gibbon and Barlow, Awesome Second Corps and (apparently).

26th NC Infantry Battle Flag

Battle Flag Of The North Carolina (The Museum Of The Confederacy) ​"North Carolina cannot remain much longer stationary; she must write her destiny either under the flag of Mr. Lincoln and aid to coerce the south or unite with the south to.

Battle of Gettysburg, July Civil War: Battle of Gettysburg Projectile Relic We were there in May! Bet it's a madhouse now.

Dog tags were created and used in the Civil War. Before the dog tags, soldiers improvised by writing their personal information on a piece of strong paper attached to their clothes

General Jubal Anderson Early Battle of Chancellorsville A lawyer and Confederate general during the U. Civil War, who wrote Lost Cause postbellum and continued to voice his views in favor of the former Confederate States of America.

This is an amazing interactive map and timeline of the battlefields of the Civil War. Featured in this pin is the Battle of Wilson's Creek near Springfield, MO. Check out all the Missouri battlefields!

Gen Nathen Bedford Forrest ~ BFD

General Nathan Bedford Forrest 1862 Civil War Photo , the greatest cavalry man of all time, a cavalry General who killed 32 men in combat

'A muss at headquarters,' Army of the Potomac soldiers fight over a bottle of wine near Falmouth, Virginia in 1863

This image entitled “General Grant at City Point" claims to show General Ulysses S. Grant on horseback, in front of his troops at City Point, Virginia, during the American Civil War. (Library of Congress)

CSS Virginia, circa 1862.

CSS Virginia [ironclad warship, Civil War], aka CSS Merrimack after the wooden ship that was purposefully scuttled in shallow water to provide the below-line hull. Launched first year of the American Civil War