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Pisceans see the good. When it comes to some Piscean.this is a SERIOUS character flaw, but for most it's one of the best character traits that Pisceans offer.

Definitely true- bout of depression or simply wanting to be left alone plague Taurus without warning and this can be confusing to people around them


I am shocked at how accurate this all is. Good thing I only argue for entertainment with my husband who is also a Taurus and equally amused by it.


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They speak louder than ANY words ever could.

Zodiac Files: Taurus Motto, “I only believe in your actions.” Omfg wow I just had a situation with this, so fuckin true omg

How to keep Taurus happy: Pamper them with massages and plenty of physical affection. Make them feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Allow them to maintain a lever of indepencence within the relationship.