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Adapt the design for a nice large card or package topper. Tree of Hearts collage made of old magazines. Trace hand and arm for the stem.

Maybe a class project for Valentine's Day? Teacher could trace arm/hand for trunk and each child can find red/pink in magazine, trace a heart and cut out. Tree of Hearts collage made of old magazines. Trace hand and arm for the stem.

"Paper Hexagon *quilt*"   [by: Lesley Zellers]   [how to link:   http://www.recipeforcrazy.com/2011/07/p-is-for-part-one.html]   'h4d' 120806

DIY paper quilt on canvas.this idea is so versatile and would make such a fun dessert table backdrop. Love this because I have hexagon dies to cut this out. One "swipe" one complete Hexie

Button Tree DIY..Ask now on how to become a member of my new website coming soon. For now these boards are open to the public but will soon go private. Ask now on how to become a member. Keep following for more DIY ideas and info of the opening of the site.

Button Tree: a beautiful canvas project full of vibrant colors

Pinte as hélices do seu ventilador com as cores primárias pigmentares (ciano, magenta e amarelo) e tenha um arco-íris próprio.

Ventinho colorido

Novel idea for play room: Paint primary colors on fan blades to make a rainbow fan

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