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music :)

Synesthesia - disorder where letters and numbers are assigned random colors. For example, the letter A would always be red. Find out more.

If you are not a musician of any kind, then you will not appreciate how funny this is.

Funny pictures about My music teacher doesn't mess around. Oh, and cool pics about My music teacher doesn't mess around. Also, My music teacher doesn't mess around.

guitar -- Leve o design e a criatividade sempre com você - Conheça nossos produtos - migre.me/dKNbA

Guitar Siren Digital Art by Nikki Marie Smith - Guitar Siren Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Cool picture.... I  might have guessed it too if the question was asked "what is this?" Lol

Photographs taken from the inside of musical instruments, making them look like large and spacious rooms - the inside of a Cello. What if we were to design a room with skylights shaped so the room appeared to be the inside of an instrument.

If you can read this, thank your music teacher.

I'm in TREBLE! I ran over something SHARP and now my tire is FLAT! I need a QUARTER for the phone. Do I need to REPEAT any of that?-----thank you music lessons for teaching me how to read music notes!

Piano stairs in Gauteng, South Africa (want this in the stairs in my house!)

Urban design is not necessarily boring or super hi-tech or expensive.good idea also for stairs to the floor where our music hall might be (I don't even have a house but know that piano will be there in a big room - for sure!