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"We do not heal the past by dwelling there; we heal the past by living fully in the present." -Marianne Williamson need to try to remember this


Discover your Inner Body Awareness now! Easily access the full experience of total joy, peace and happiness in life and while running!

Healing Energy

One of the Wright brothers was cited as saying: "I spell nature G-O-D". Spend time in nature, spend time awakening your soul to the spiritual qualities of serenity, peace, and beauty.

Affirmation for healing your heart, spirit and mind ...

Affirmation for healing your heart, spirit and mind .this is me, I know I'm at peace :)

“Your Vibrational Universe” We live in a vibrational universe. Our thoughts and feelings are vibrations that are constantly shaping our world. Choose to vibrate LOVE…  http://healthruwords.com/inspirational-pictures/vibrational-universe/  Sign up for HealThruWords® quotes by Roxana Jones here: http://healthruwords.com/subscribe-to-inspirational-pictures-healthruwords/  #HealThruWords #Inspirational #Healing #Quotes #quotesoftheday

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We can use the Law of Attraction to force the universe to give us everything you want. Learn how to use the law of attraction to manifest anything.

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You must love your body. And then lovingly give it food. And when you love your body and lovingly give it food, it matters now what food you give it.